Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fill Your Bucket with Good Character!


Have  you filled a bucket today? Our school wide theme for character education week was based on that wonderful book by Carol  McCloud.
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   We named the week " Filling our Buckets with Good Character".  Every classroom had a bulletin board based on the theme. Among many other activities, the school had a bucket to fill with change that went to charity.  

  Here is a picture of my bullentin board. A student showed me how to  fold  an origami  bucket, so I made a large bucket and had the children each make their own. Throughout  the week, we filled out tickets when someone filled our buckets or when we were bucket fillers. The tickets were put into our buckets on the bulletin board. I'm sharing my tickets for this below.  I also have resources pinned on my Fill a Bucket Board on Pinterest from other wonderful blogs.

Bulletin Board by Dena Snyder  Buckets in a Heart Shape

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  1. do you have directions on how to make the origami buckets?

    1. I Googled it to find the instructions. :)



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