Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teachable Moments

    Embrace the teachable moments. Part of having a balanced classroom is recognizing those opportunities to reach beyond the planned lesson for the day. The moments when the students' interest is peaked  and minds are open. 

  One of those moments happened last week while I was teaching how to infer setting. While listing possible time words to use on the anchor chart...past, present, future, etc., the conversation turned to books set in the future. Some of  the boys that are better readers in the class shared science fiction stories they like to read. The other boys showed interest and we had a great discussion on that genre. Well worth the extra time. The boys are motivated to look for those books when we go to library and I am on the hunt some for my classroom library. 

  I learned to balance the well planned instruction needed in the classroom, but also allow for those moments that can't be planned that are so valuable. The teacher devotion site talks about teachers keeping their minds open to learning also.

   I finished my plans for the week and needed an extra subtraction with regrouping practice sheet. I made one with a cute reindeer available for free at my TPT store. Click the picture to download if you would like to use it. Have a great week! 





  1. I am so glad I linked up after you for Classroom Freebies! I am starting subtraction with regrouping Thursday!!!! I am your newest follower! Thank you!
    Third Grade Love

  2. Thanks for the link up to the teacher devotions site. Going to share it with my teacher friends. Thanks. Love your blog and thanks for the freebies!



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