Friday, January 11, 2013


 Yeah it's Friday! The official end to my first week back from break. Looking back over the week, I got a lot accomplished........elapsed time, time lines, myth reading, myth writing,...etc. Today we read a nonfiction selection titled  "Where Do Snowflakes Come From?" After modeling and practicing written response answers, the children filled in a snowflake web with facts they learned about snowflakes.
     I took pictures of the children posing like they were making or throwing snowballs. They cut their pictures out and created a snow scene. They wrote their favorite fact about snowflakes inside a talking clouds to place on their picture. They turned out adorable!

       I put the pictures on my bulletin board with the title Let it Snow! I'm sharing the title I made, the snowflake web, and talking clouds for Freebie Friday. Click on picture to download.


Freebie Fridays

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