Friday, February 8, 2013

Fossils, Flashbacks, and Freebies

  Happy Friday!! I'm linking up with  Doodle Bugs, Teaching Madness, and TBA to end the week.

Here are my flashbacks and randoms from the week.......

1. We began Book Clubs this week during Reading Workshop. The kids were so excited. We have a Magic Tree House Club and an A-Z Mysteries Club.The are applying the Good Reader strategies we've been practicing all year using resources from my Monsters Reading Bundle. You can click to read the post about this. 

2. Sweet! Skittles were the topic of our graphs The kids collected data on colors of  Skittles and graphed the results by creating a bar graph.

3. Suffix Hunting...after being inside for recess all week due to the weather, my troops were getting restless. I armed the troops with notebooks and pencils and set out into the hallway on a suffix hunt. We made a class chart after the hunt listing all the words and underlined the base words. In groups, they came up with meanings for each word using the affix as a clue. 
4. Marvelous Math pinning...I've created a board on Pinterest for math resources and ideas. Fellow educators and pinners contribute to the board. If you need some ideas for math check it out. I've already used many ideas from it. :)

5. My little paleontologists put together dinosaur skeletons and named their fossils. I found the printable skeleton at Sparkle Box. We then made a word bank of science terms we learned from our fossil readings in science. The children wrote newspaper articles about their "discoveries" using words from the word bank. My freebie is the organizer, checklist, and article template for this writing. Click below to download. I am so pleased with how well they wrote their articles. One of my students included more nonfiction text features than I required. :)

                                           Fossil Discovery Writing Freebie

Freebie Fridays


  1. These dinosaurs are so cute! My fossils unit is coming up and this would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!
    Learning In Wonderland

  2. I love those dinosaurs,so cute. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess



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