Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn Leaves Theme Day

Hello friends and happy Friday. I'm linking up once again with Doodle Bugs 5 for Friday and TBA's Freebie Friday.  My class concluded this week with an Autumn Leaf Day. It fit perfectly with our study of plants. Here's what it looked like.......

We started the day with a close read of a story called "Leaf Collection". The picture shows the third read of children reading for skill.  The focus skill was details. Click here for the format of my close reading and here for my post on supporting details.

The children brought in leaves for math. They worked in their learning teams to sort the leaves into like color and recorded the results in a tally chart. They used the data to create a bar graph. We worked on writing to compare in math this week and have an anchor chart displayed in the room with comparison words. The children compared their graphs with someone from a different team and used words from the chart to write comparison statements. Click the picture for this lesson freebie.

I made a guess the covered word activity to go with Photosynthesis. Through the activity the children learned why leaves turn colors in the fall. The words in context that they had to guess were photosynthesis, chlorophyll, glucose, yellow, brown, orange, green, and energy.

I also used the words to create a word search and added some other autumn words also. Click here for the puzzle maker.


I wanted to do leaf rubbings, but we ran out of time! We had a great day though.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love the idea of Leaf Rubbings! It would be the perfect fall extension of texture and 5 senses! Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching with Grace



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