Monday, October 7, 2013

Teach it to Learn It

 Welcome to Tip Tuesday!              

What's the best way to learn? Teach it! Research has proven that you remember 90% of what you teach or explain to someone else. You remember around 5% of what you hear during a lecture. So it makes sense that our students need opportunities to "be the teacher".

   I have my students take turns being the teacher everyday in math. After I model a new skill and allow time for practice, the kids partner up and take turns being the teacher. This past week we spent a lot of time on subtraction across zeros. The kiddos that were the teachers taught each step of the process to another student. It doesn't mean that mistakes weren't made, but that's okay. We learn from our mistakes also.

 I made teacher cards that I'm going to laminate and pass out to students that are to be the teachers. You may download a copy by clicking the link below.

 Enjoy your little teachers!

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