Friday, October 18, 2013

Five for Five and Freebies.

Happy Friday! It's Freebie Friday and I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs' Five for Friday. Here we go.......

We wrapped our Johnny Appleseed/Tall Tales unit this week with apple treats. The treats were made by a few of  the parents. We had apple bars, apple muffins, apple cookies, and cider. Yum! We enjoyed the treats while watching animated versions of the tall tales we read.

Thanks to a parent(I have a great group of volunteers), we tasted apples and graphed our results in a pictograph. Our mode was the yellow apples.  You can download a copy of my tally chart and pictograph checklist by clicking the picture below.


The children paired up to read tall tales. They wrote down examples of exaggerations from the stories. The children reported their findings to the class. They enjoyed hearing about each other's stories and exaggerations.

We learned the life cycle of the apple tree and dug deeper into the parts of the apple and their functions. To demonstrate the job of the stem, I put celery into colored water. They loved it. You could see where the xylem carried the water through the stem. They also thought the word xylem was pretty cool. I got this idea from Pinterest.

showing water moving through plants.... WAY cooler than the typical white carnations or celery!!

 I will end with a quote.

live by this

Freebie Fridays

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  1. I used to have so much fun teaching Tall Tales to my 2nd graders...but I've been teaching First for several years now and it's not something we cover :(



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