Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Day of School Poem

 I wrote a poem for my class this year instead of a story like I'd done in the past.  This class loves to learn! The boys are obsessed with learning about WWII. They even wanted to start  a WWII book club. The class also likes to be challenged. That pushed me to think higher and be more creative. They are a pretty special group of kiddos. Today was our last day of school, so I read the poem to them and attached a copy in their memory books.

Here is the poem I wrote for them:

To My Third Grade Class
Mrs. Booth

It’s been a year full of fun

I can hardly believe the year is done

You’ve taught me as much as I’ve taught you

Through all of the things you like to do

Brainteasers, writing, World War II

You’ve challenged me to challenge you

Each one of you is so unique

I enjoyed being with you week after week

There’s one thing I don’t want you to forget
Here it is get ready, get set

Your third grade teacher believes in you

To make all of your hopes and dreams come true
And when you do, I’ll shout it loud

That’s my student, I’m so proud

So my 2014-2015 third grade class

Remember the good times we’ve had

Smile and laugh; don’t be sad

You’ve grown all year and the time is here

For you to move onto your fourth grade year

 ©Tammi Booth

Friday, May 22, 2015

Five Ideas for the End of the School Year


1. Have the children fill out book recommendations for the students coming into your class next year. Display the recommendations near your classroom library at the beginning of the year. I use my Reading Workshop Exit Tickets for this. Click to download them here.

2. Plan a Hobby Day where students may show and tell about something they like to do. The children use a guide sheet to talk about their hobby and bring something to show. We display the hobbies on our desks and walk around the room to look at the different displays. I've had children bring in videos of themselves riding four wheelers, participating in dance competitions, doing gymnastics, and so on. Children have brought in doll collections, sports equipment, art work, card collections, trophies, ribbons, etc.  This is one of my favorite days of the year.

3. Eat lunch together in the classroom the last day. The children think it's special to eat in the room. I bring in an ice cream treat for them also.

4. Open time capsules from the first day of school. The children are amazed at the changes, especially how they've grown when they hold up the string I measured them with on day one. Click here to download my time capsule activity.

5. Have a game day. Allow children to bring in their favorite games from home to play.  I also let the kids eat snacks while they play.

These are fun ways to wind down the last couple of days of the year. Please comment below to share your ideas.


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