Friday, March 22, 2013

Jumpin' Jelly Beans and Linky Time

  I'm officially on Spring Break and linking up with Doodle Bugs & TBA for Freebie Friday.

  . Here are my 5 randoms........

1. The  children  practiced using homophones in context by writing  and illustrating silly homophone sentences. They took turns sharing their sentences with the class. It was fun to hear them all !

2. I found these symmetrical eggs on Instant Display. These were a fun follow up to our symmetry lesson and perfect for the week before Spring Break.

3. I joined Ten Marks Math and love it. We're down to three weeks before our state testing. I've been creating assignments on Ten Marks for the children to review all skills and concepts taught so far. The kids like it because it's on the computer.

4. My March Madness reading contest is in full swing. One team has read 1,836 minutes and the other has read 1, 360.

5. I introduced Probability today by giving each child a plastic egg filled with 10 jelly beans.  I'm sharing the Jumpin' Jelly Bean Probability printable I created to go along with this activity. After the lesson, the children ate their jelly beans. Click on the picture to download. :)

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inspiration Monday....on Tuesday

I'm a day late in linking up for Inspiration Monday. Better late than never........or so I hear. :)
Here are two quotes that help me when I'm feeling discouraged or down on things that are out of my control.

If I can find a reason to laugh, I always feel a bit better.

Source: via Tammi on Pinterest

Prayer gives me peace.

Have an inspiring week!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Volcanoes, Whales, 5 for 5, and Flashback Friday

 What do volcanoes, whales, and basketball all have common? They're part of my 5 randoms this week for Doodle Bugs 5 for 5 Linky and my flashbacks for Teaching Madness.

1. My kids read Whale Poems to go with the story A Symphony of Whales. They had 4 different responses to choose from for the poems and wrote the responses on the body of the whale. I found the whale printable on Scholastic's Website.

2. We worked on questioning a nonfiction text using the story Volcanoes: Natures Incredible Fireworks. The children wrote 2 questions about the text and the answers on paper folded into 4 sections diagonally. We cut along one line and folded to make a volcano. The children added "lava", rolled red paper and frayed it to make lava coming out the top. They turned out great.!

3. We finished up our Biography project presentations.

4. March Madness is under way! The children picked their team names. We have the Reading Dunkin' Riders vs. The Reading Riders. Can you tell that our school athletic name is The Red Riders? Click here to read more about my March Madness Reading Contest. 

5.  The count down is on.....2 Weeks until Spring Break! 

Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Inspiration Monday

Need some inspiration to start the week? I do. I'm linking up with Fun in 1st Grade for Inspiration Monday.
I'm reading a good book right now for women titled "Find Your Strongest Life". My daughter got it for me for Christmas and I just started reading it over the weekend. I found some inspiration there.
 Another place I go to for inspiration is  Teacher Devotions. It has new scripture and devotion every Sunday followed up with a prayer.
 Here are some other inspirations from my Pinterest Favorite Quotes board.

Have a wonderful week everybody!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's Talk Shop and Freebies

 Everyone has their own style of managing Reading Workshop. I'm linking up with Ideas By Jivey to share Reading Workshop ideas. I use Reading Workshop as an extension of my core reading instruction. I reinforce the skill taught during core instruction through guided reading. Along with the skill , I concentrate on applying reading strategies. While I meet with small groups, the other children are buddy reading or independent reading. I end each workshop, which runs about 30-40 minutes, with a  book share. The kids really like this part of reading workshop and are interested in what everyone is reading. My Reading Workshop tickets can be part of book share.( Click to read the post about this)

     Right now my children are doing book club reading during reading workshop and are applying the strategies practiced all year. My book clubs are like literature circles where each child has a job they're responsible for.  You can click below to get an anchor page, an organizer, and rubric for the Predicting Strategy that is part of my reading bundle. I use this pack of organizers and assessments during reading workshop a lot.

 I hope you enjoy the prediction preview and find it useful. :)

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