Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring into Learning Blog Hop

Happy Spring! This is my stop on the Springing into Learning Blog Hop. Thank you to Elementary Antics for hosting this fun way to start Spring.

  My students are springing into fractions in math right now. Something I like to do since it's close to Easter is give the students plastic eggs with jelly beans inside. The children sort their jelly beans and write fractional amounts for each color. They then write the fractional amounts on a number line. Each  fractional amount on the line is written in the same color it represents.

                         Click the picture if you would like a copy of the activity.

 I also created a spring themed printable for finding fractions of a set.  This concept can be difficult for students at this age, so I made the first page interactive. You can guide the students through that page then have them complete the second page on their own.  Click on the picture to download.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three Books for Teaching Skills

Welcome back! This is my second week of Three for Thursday. Today I'm sharing three books that I use to teach skills.

Who doesn't like Amelia Bedelia? The kids love reading about her. Amelia takes everything literally and does exactly what she's told. When she's told to strip the sheets off of the bed, she rips the sheets into strips.  Her stories are excellent for teaching the difference between literal and nonliteral language.

A book I like to use to teach the structure of  paragraph writing is The Important Book.  This story tells the important things about various objects. It repeats the same format for each thing. Topic sentence, three detail sentences, and a closing sentence.  Example....The most important thing about a spoon is that you eat with it.  Three more details telling about the spoon and retelling the most important thing about a spoon again.

A cute story for teaching pronouns is I and You and Don't forget Who. The story is told with rhyming and has all the pronouns written in color. The illustrations are engaging with colorful creatures. This is a good story for children to understand how and why pronouns are used.

See you next Thursday!



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