Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Set Your Student Up For Succes Part 2


Part one of my Set Your Students Up for Success series, gave an introduction to Universal Design for Learning or UDL. It takes the concept of differentition to a proactive approach in all aspects of the classroom. The idea is to make available resources to all students in order to be successful and give them choices.

  For example, I have my secret stash of fidgets in my desk drawer to hand out for my kiddos that need it along with a couple of wiggle seats that I purchased.  With the UDL concept in mind, this year I'll have a basket of fidgets out that are available to all students if they need them. I also dusted off the excersise ball I kept in the basement for extra seating.  (Um yeah, didn't get around to using it much there. )Of course, I'll need to establish clear rules and boundaries for them. Below is a copy of the rules for them that I will display by the fidget basket. You can click on the picture to download for free.

Another type of resource that will be available at anytime to all students are Resource Rings. So far I've made two types of resourse rings.... Text Features and Text Structure.  They are laminated on index cards and attached to rings that will hang in the room. Anytime a student has an assignment or questions  dealing with these concepts, he/she may take one to use. The text structure ring helps a lot with nonficition writing.  I used them toward the end of the school year and look forward to making more to use this year. They are like anchor charts that take up little room and the students can carry them anywhere. 

We have all types of learners and learning needs in our classrooms. Making as many resources available to everyone as we can, helps to set them up for success. Part 3 coming soon! 


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