Sunday, October 14, 2012

RTI and Post-Its

One of my many uses of post-its  in the classroom is to help students with attention issues.  I cut  a post-it note into four strips and put on the  student's desk as a visual for monitoring attention. This is especially important during math as we are learning new concepts and procedures. 

 Girl Sitting at School Desk
  I am sharing the behavior plan that  I created to go along with this. It also gives data for the RTI process. As with any behavior plan, the idea is to gradually decrease the support to the point the student is able to self-monitor. After  reaching the goal  for two weeks, I will decrease the strips to three, and then  two, etc. 
  My Fantastic Fridaycoupons are used as rewards for reaching the  goal .
 That's how I use Post-it notes as a RTI monitoring tool.

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