Sunday, April 30, 2017

Peculiar Plants

The clouds parted and sunlight shone down on us. Sounds of cheers and songs of joy filled the air. It all happened Friday after the last state test in my classroom was submitted. No more testing the rest of the year!  I might have exaggerated a bit, but it did feel like the clouds were lifted.

  Every year we race to get all of the curriculum taught before state testing. Once it's over, I take a deep breath and always ask the same what?  With a month left of school, and all the state standards taught, there's an opportunity to....should I say it? Let the kids be creative!

One project that allows my kiddos to apply what they've learned while putting their own creative spin to it, is the Peculiar Plant Project.

Here is a list of tasks the students do for the project:

Task 1: Draw a diagram of a plant they designed with the correct anatomy of a real plant with one exception, they create a special element of their plant that no other plant has.

Task 2: Create a life cycle foldable for their plant and explain each stage.

Task 3: Write a paragraph introducing their plant, what's unique about it, where it grows, what it looks like, etc.

Task 4: Design the plant and put everything together on a poster and present their plant to the class.

The kids love this project. It allows them the freedom to utilize their creativity and own interests. I can honestly say there are no two plants alike.  Check them out:

Enjoy your after testing bliss! 


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