Sunday, September 2, 2012

Creative Comparison


   The first week of school I read Chrysanthemum and Odd Velvet  to my class. Both books contain similar themes of being different.  We discussed how the experiences of both characters were similar along with differences of both characters.
      I then led the children in creating a flip book to be used as a Venn Diagram. The children illustrated the faces of Chrysanthemum and Odd Velvet on the front of the book. Inside the flap of each character the children wrote how the character's were different. Inside the middle flap the children wrote the similarities.
  I didn't take a grade on this particular activity, however I will in the future with two different stories. I have created a rubric for assessment of the activity that I am sharing. The common core standard it assesses is at the top of the rubric.
   This  activity allowed the children to be creative, practice the skill taught, and incorporate written answers. The perfect balance.
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